Nothing but the Truth
Адаптированна для: intermediate
Язык: English / Английский
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The name of the girl is Hu. This is a typical Asian name for her land. One early morning in Bangkok, as the birds start singing loudly and the dawn is coming, Hu cannot sleep and decides to get up. It is not even six in the morning. Despite such early time, there are many cars outside the window. The city woke up long ago. Hu opens the window and lets the light and the smell of the city penetrate the room. This is the first day of the spring semester. A peddler is talking to her neighbours, sitting on his motorcycle. The girl is feeling a pleasant excitement. The day will be very interesting. She will study again and meet with her friends. Hu has already been missing them much. Now the girl will have to study more, but do less housework. This is great news.
(Nothing but the Truth)

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